Open Doors 2022

Welcome to WIMMA Lab
Open Doors!

Open doors will be held on 10.6.2022 at 10-12 in Turbiini (Piippukatu 3, 40100 Jyväskylä) and there will be virtual team introductions.

Keynote Speakers

Ilkka Turunen, Sonatype

Mika Helenius

Elevating Customer Centric Omnichannel eCommerece Capabilities | BSO

Mika is talking about the current state of software development, and what the future holds.


Jouni Ihanus

Jouni Ihanus

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA)
SOC Manager

Jouni is talking about SOC, which is an integral part of this years WIMMA Lab.



What is WIMMA Lab all about?

WIMMA Lab is a challenge orientated learning environment, which has been implemented almost every summer from 2011 onwards. This year we are collaborating with JYU and working in hybrid form.

Students work on assignments which have been obtained from WIMMA Lab, gain experience working on projects and learn valuable skills that they can use as they progress into working life.

Student development is also supported by business visitors. During the summer students participate in presentations on many interesting topics and meet with representatives from different companies.

Open doors

What happens in the open doors event?

WIMMA Lab open doors event offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of Wimma Lab and get to know the future IT professionals participating in it! Photos and videos are taken during the event.


WIMMA Lab teams



IoTitude's assignment is to update Haastix. Haastix is a challenge-based picture game, the core idea is that a game master creates challenges for the players (e.g. find a statue in 15 minutes). Players join to challenge with a code and send a picture of the statue to the game master, who then can accept or reject the picture. The player who completes all the tasks first wins.

They will develop Haastix further based on feedback and develop testing more. They will discharge technical debt and change frontend's react native to react.

IoTitude works with the Pengwin Media which provides graphical support.

React Typescript Robot Framework Kubernetes NodeJS PostgreSQL GitLab CI/CD



Mysticons is building a foundation for WIMMA Lab SOC. As a team they will be in charge of monitoring the security of other WIMMA Lab projects.

Through their SOC (Security operations center) they will monitor log events and other security related issues for the entirety of the WIMMA Lab.

Mysticons is operating and developing through the Kubernetes platform, that works in conjuction with their SIEM.

Cyber Security SOC SIEM SOAR Analysis Automation Kubernetes GitLab CI/CD CSC



Team Overflow's task is to design a forum service for Wimma Lab learning environment based on the open-source Conduit software. The forum includes all the features one would typically expect in a modern forum service. The team is primarily comprised of students in JAMK's ICT engineering program.

React NodeJS Kubernetes GitLab CI/CD Docker Mongodb CSC Express

Pengwin Media


Pengwin Media's assignment is to update and maintain all WIMMA Lab's websites and social medias.

Pengwin Media will do the marketing for WIMMA Lab and open doors event. They will make material for other teams when needed example new colors and mockup for the Haastix.

After Open Doors, Pengwin Media will start to update team websites.

React Next.js SCSS SVG


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