Open Doors 2023

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Open Doors!

Open doors will be held on June 9, 2023 at 10-13 in Turbiini
(Piippukatu 3, 40100 Jyväskylä)


Keynote Speaker


Tapio Järvenpää

Day job Manager @2M-IT, night job Master Distiller @Turku Distillery Ltd
Do you recognize a project when you see one?

A leader with passion to deliver by empowering people and making them believe they can reach more than they imagine. Finding simplicity in complexity and getting things done. Value creator driven by “there is nothing wrong in doing the right thing.”



What is WIMMA Lab all about?

WIMMA Lab is a challenge orientated learning environment, which has been implemented almost every summer from 2011 onwards.

Students work on assignments which have been obtained from WIMMA Lab, Combitech Oy and Adults on the Move. Gaining experience from working on projects and learning valuable skills that they can use as they progress into working life.

Student development is also supported by business visitors. During the summer students participate in presentations on many interesting topics and meet with representatives from different companies. Different companies bring knowledge and skills to the students which contributes to the students progressing.

Open doors

What happens in the open doors event?

WIMMA Lab open doors event offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of Wimma Lab and get to know the future IT professionals participating in it! Photos and videos are taken during the event.


WIMMA Lab teams




Our main assigment this summer comes from Combitech Oy. We are building an open source service Traffic Visualizer that uses public traffic APIs (i.e. Digitraffic). The service shows data visualizations on a map where you can choose between vehicle types and different timescales.

We also built the SKILL-db API that uses SFIA skill framework data. The framework data is stored in a PostgreSQL database which can be fetched using REST requests for other projects to use.

React TypeScript NodeJS Docker Kubernetes CI/CD Gitlab Vite REST Leaflet.js Digitraffic APIs PostgreSQL Swagger



Mysticons 2023 has an ambitious goal to design and implement a fully automated secured Kubernetes production environment for WIMMA Lab. We will automate the installation and configuration of SOC, SIEM, SOAR and CI/CD security checks as well as monitoring and ticketing system that will seamlessly work with our chosen technologies.

Mysticons will provide consultation services to other companies about containerization issues, Kubernetes, security auditing and DevSecOps related principles. Penetration testing and documentation are also part of our provided services.

We will ensure the safety of your data through fully automated security operations center, vulnerability assessments and a strict CI/CD pipeline with security testing. Our implementation is designed to prevent the deployment of vulnerable containers or potentially unsafe code. We strongly believe that everyone should have access for a safe hosting, development and maintenance environment.

GitLab CI/CD MicroK8 Kubernetes Anchore Ansible Helm Wazuh Docker GitLab CI/CD Squash Robot Framework Kali Linux Palo Alto Prisma Checkov Terraform ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash,
and Kibana)



Overflow was tasked with the VIKSU application of the Adults on the move project at WimmaLab 2023. VIKSU is an application made between 2014-2017, which can be used to monitor companies' progress in promoting active commuting. The current situation of VIKSU is that it is not operational, the program is outdated and it is very vulnerable to cyber threats. Our task is to investigate what VIKSU has been like in the past, how it could be improved and update VIKSU to meet todays' standards.

Skill Collector is used to collect information from companies and pass it on to educational institutions. The information collected concerns the skills that companies need now and in the future from future employees. The foundation for Skill Collector was already laid in the spring at the Future Factory course, but Overflow continues its development further. We are focusing on improving the usability of Skill Collector by implementing Power BI to visualize the results and Power Automate to improve the workflow. Overflow is working with IoTitude team, who provides us SFIA database.

React Vue.js PostgreSQL GitLab CI/CD Docker CSC Express PowerBI/Power Automate
Pengwin Media

Pengwin Media


Pengwin Media creates and designs Wimma Lab's various graphics, maintains and updates the social media channels.The team also works closely with other teams and consults them as needed. The Wimma Lab’s Open Doors website and updates to the WIMMA Lab homepage are also made by Pengwin Media. This year Pengwin Media also received an assignment of their own; the Career Scouter website.

Career Scouter is all about helping students explore their desired specializations and make informed decisions along the way. It provides a platform for students to understand the different areas they can work in the IT industry and discover the opportunities that JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers to achieve their goals. Through Career Scouter, students can gain insights into various IT industry sectors, understand the skills required for different specializations, and explore the courses and resources available at JAMK to support their chosen paths.

React Next.js Marketing Docker Power BI/Power Automate Graphic Design Web Developing


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